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Bordertown AZ State Championship results
Bordertown 2013
October 17 2013 update
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     Last week was busy and fun as well.  I worked with Lacy D ' Oley on Tuesday, and with Squeaky Hare and Don Coyote on Wednesday.
    On Saturday Lacy and I had a 3 hour practice.  Then Saturday afternoon Pecos Nick came over from Henderson Nevada and we worked together both Saturday and Sunday.
   Lots of good work done by these shooters last week.  One thing they all have in common is a drive to "

Bordertown AZ State Championship results

The shooting is over and by now everyone is either on their way home or driving to their next big match.  What a great match this was.  I want to thank Stormy Shooter for writing 12 exceptional Bordertown and fun!!
The results on the match are posted at: 
Shooting Solutions Unlimited clients were very well represented in the final outcome of this match.
SASS Kicker                             Arizona State Top Lady Champion

Bordertown 2013

 Bordertown is the cowboy action shooting state championship match for the state of Arizona.  The match sells out year after year and provides 300 shooters a fun, fast and unique shooting experience.
Cowboy Doug and his wife Tequilla Terry own The Tombstone Livery, the Bordertown venue.  Six seperate bays, all complete with storefront props or buildings help provide the western flavor for the match.
We arrived on October 18, in order to shoot a 2 day warm up match.  The attendance for the warm up was a total of 130 shooters.

October 17 2013 update

There have been some very good things happening over the last few weeks!  Many of the clients I have worked with performed quite well in annual, state championship level matches.
Nellie Bluwas the top overall womens shooter at the Texas State Wild Bunch match, as well as the top overall womens shooter at the Louisiana State Wild Bunch match.
Crazy Kurtput on another of his "patented" shooting exhibitions in the Yavapai Rangers annual Wild Bunch match and was not only the 1st place mens Traditional winner, but the Top mens shooter as well.

Website Links of businesses you can trust

                  From time to time I have the pleasure to meet and or do business with various people and companies involved in the shooting sports.   Any link I offer on this website comes as a result of my positive experience with the people and companies listed.

Close of 2012


Sincere thanks to our clients

We currently have 14 clients participating in various training programs on a monthly or even weekly basis.  While many clients are adults, 3 our our best are between the ages of 13-15.   Additionally 3 of our clients are from surrounding states.  Shooting Solutions Unlimiteds  training philosophy of tailoring individual training sessions for each client allows us to maximize existing strengths and build on those points of learning that need improvement.
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